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Davide Formolo, on his 2014 season

He started cycling at the age of six, and 15 years later became a pro in the World Tour with Cannondale and already caught the eye of many with his strong results. His name – Davide Formolo – a big Italian hope and a rider tipped by many as a future Grand Tour winner. And why not? So far this season, he was 4th in the Tour of Turkey, 7th in the Tour de Suisse, and 2nd at the National Championships, where he lost only to Vincenzo Nibali, who now leads the Tour de France halfway through the race. Now, while preparing for the races he’ll do in the second part of the season, Davide made some time for the following interview.

– Davide, how were the years spent in the U23 ranks?  

There were good times, especially when I was with the team and was not racing. You could always find something fun to do. In terms of results, I can say that the most important was the 6th place in the Tour de l’Avenir. My regret is that I didn’t finish higher, but the good part is that I felt ok on the climbs.

– Your first important result as a neo-pro came in the Tour of Turkey (ed. – 4th place). Did you expect it?  

Honestly, no. The team’s coaches told me that I was at a good level, I had what it took to get a good ranking, so I raced without knowing how I’ll handle it, but with the hope that I’ll get a good result, which happened in the end.

– Two months later, you raced the Tour de Suisse. 

During Suisse I had many emotions, it was my first World Tour race, and it was something completely different. I am pleased with the final result, for me it was very nice to finish in 7th place.

– How were the National Championships?  

The team told me that I could get a good result, and that I can handle the race well, but I really did not know what to expect. So I decided to trust the team and do my best. In the end I was a little upset, because at the National Championships there’s a big difference between being first or second. I was really sad, because I’ve lost for only a couple of meters. Eventually, I calmed myself down and I said to myself that the second place it’s a fine result.

– What is your schedule for the second half of the season?  

I’ll go to the Tour of Poland, USA Pro Cycling Challenge, Tour of Alberta, Grand Prix Grand Prix of Quebec, and Grand Prix of Montreal. Currently, I have not talked to the team about my goals, but I want to give my best.

– Will you race the World Championships?  

I do not know. I’m not familiar with the parcours and I have no idea if Davide Cassani is willing to go there with a neo-pro.

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