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Andrea Zordan: “I would like to race the Giro next year”


He started cycling when he was just seven years old, with the Mainetti team. He spent a decade at this team and won no less than 100 races. Now, he’s just 21, is coming after a superb season and is ready to make his debut as a pro rider. Powerful in the sprints, with an aggresive style of racing and without any complex in front of more experienced riders, he promises to be one of the revelations of 2014 and the next big thing of Italian cycling in the years to come. His name – Andrea Zordan – and you can find out more about him by reading this exclusive interview.

– Andrea, how was this season? 

This was the best year of my career. I won ten races, and I can’t believe it. I have to thank my team, Zalf Desiree Fior, for helping me during the season.

– You had no less than ten wins. What were the most important for you? 

The most important races that I’ve won were the Italian Championship, the “Gran Premio di Poggiana” and the “Trofeo Edil C” (Collecchio).

– Do you have any regrets after this year? 

Yes, I have only one regret, when it comes to the World Championships. I should have done better.

– In many of the 2013 races, you defeated Davide Villella. Is this the start of a rivalry between the two of you? 

No, we are friends. In fact, during the World Championships, I worked for him willingly, and I’m happy for his 6th place!

– You are a very powerful and fast sprinter, you are also good on the climbs, but let me ask you: what do you have to improve?

I think I must improve my performances on the climbs, but I think it’s more important to continue developing the power that I have in the sprints.

– What made you sign with Androni Giocattoli-Venezuela? 

I’ve signed with Androni Giocattoli-Venezuela because this is the best professional team in Italy and because it’s the first team that was interested in me. Next year, I’ll probably race the Giro d’Italia.

– As a stagiare with Androni, you raced a couple of one-day races and got a sixth place in Coppa Sabatini. How was that experience? 

This experience was very important for me. I have to thank my team manager, Gianni Savio, because he gave me the opportunity to race with the pro riders. This experience will be useful in the future.

– What are your expectations for the first season as a pro? 

My goal for this first season will be to help the team. I would like to race the Giro d’Italia, because it’s going to pass through Veneto, my region.

– And what objectives and dreams do you have for the future?

To ride for an important World Tour team and to race the Tour de France. My dream is to win a Northern Classic and a stage of the Giro d’Italia.


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