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June on Cafe Roubaix

The Giro d’Italia is done and dusted, and although people are now waiting for the Tour de France, with the excitement and hype growing day by day, they shouldn’t forget that the Criterium du Dauphiné and the Tour de Suisse are still to take place, races in which we’ll see the Grande Boucle favorites test their form ahead of their July goal. Due to some personal reasons, you won’t find a preview of these events here, as well as other cycling news, but this doesn’t mean you can’t come here from time to time, as there will be plenty of things to read about.

As it goes, in the following weeks I will publish some interesting stats on the Dauphiné and Suisse and a couple of interviews with some of the most talented young riders of the moment, cyclists like Pascal Eenkhoorn, Laurens De Plus or Keegan Swirbul, who are all poised to have a great future once they’ll turn pro. As was the case in the past years, later in the month you’ll find the list of the national champions and the startlist (as well as other info) of the Tour de France. Of course, you can check also the 2015 Results piece, which will be updated every time a race takes place.

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