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Andrea Zordan: Looking forward to 2015


His first pro season was not entirely as Andrea Zordan had hoped. Androni Giocattoli-Venezuela’s rider raced in many important Classics, like Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, E3 Harelbeke, the Tour of Flanders or Amstel Gold, but faced many difficult times, because of a mononucleosis. The good thing after the disease was found was that Andrea recovered and worked hard to finish the season on a high.

Now, before the start of the new season, the 22-year-old rider trains a lot in order to find the best form in 2015, when he wants to show everyone what he’s capable of. Given that he does not lack confidence and he has on his side the experience of the past season, Andrea Zordan needs just a little luck to be one of the surprises of next year.

– Andrea, how was 2014?

My first season as a pro was a long and hard one, with many difficult moments, but also with nice memories, one of which was traveling around the world with the team. It certainly was a significant leap for me, considering that I went from 130-150 km long races races to 200 km long races. The pace is an intense one, especially at the end of the races, but thanks to the different races which I did, I managed to cope with these things pretty well.

– When was your best moment?

Without any doubt, that was in the month of August. After I got over my physical problems, I did some training in France and in the end I could fight against fast riders like Mark Cavendish, Thor Hushovd and others. Then in Italy I made myself noticed in the Trittico Lombardo, with more than 200 kilometers in the breakaway during Coppa Agostini.

– And the worst?

The worst moment was when I realized, in April, that I did not have an optimal physical condition. After several tests, in July I discovered that I had mononucleosis. That was why in many of the races I did I had a strange feeling and I felt tired. This led to many races I didn’t finish.

– You love the cobbled Classics, and this year you got to race there. How was it?

It was an important experience that helped me grow a lot. I now understand that these are races in which you have to be at 110%, given that all the great champions want to do very good. In addition to that, I saw how the bikes are prepared for these kind of races, nothing is left to chance, never.

– What did you improve during 2014?

This year, I feel like I made some progress in terms of strength, because I rode in 200 km long races and so I got used to a constant effort of five, five hours and a half.

– Are you satisfied or disappointed with your season?

If I’d have to give myself a grade from 1 to 10, I would definitely give a 5,5, because I was very tired, but thanks to the hard work, I managed to do some really good races in the last two months of the season.

– What plans do you have for next year?

I’ve thought a lot about 2015 and I have already begun preparing for it, because I’m focused on doing very well. My goals are connected to the races in which the team will be invited. In addition to the Northern Classics, I want to race more in Italy and France, where I’ve noticed there many races held that suit me. Then I would be very happy if I could start in a race that I watched very often on television, Milano-San-Remo. But by biggest goal is to be at the start of the Giro d’Italia.

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