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Dylan Van Baarle: “Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix are my biggest dreams”

Garmin-Sharp made no less than nine transfers for 2014 and one of the smartest move was offering a contract to Dylan Van Baarle, who had an impressive 2013 season in the U23 ranks, winning the GC of Olympia’s Tour and Thüringen-Rundfahrt, as well as both national titles (road race and time trial). A cyclist with a huge “engine”, thanks to which he often time trials his way to a win, Van Baarle likes cobbles, short hills, and bad weather and is poised to become one of the best Classics riders in the world.

This year, he will make his debut at the Tour of Dubai, and there’s a good chance he will also ride some Northern Classics. Before his first race with Garmin-Sharp, Dylan made some time for this interview, in which you can find out more about thim.

– Dylan, why Garmin-Sharp, and not Belkin?

Because when Garmin gave me a contract, Belkin wasn’t there. They didn’t had a sponsor at that moment. Also, Garmin gave me so much trust.

– What will be your role in the US team this year?

I’m a Classics rider, so they want me to develop into a good Classics rider. In 2014 I will try to become much stronger and gain experience in the Classics, where hopefully I can do my work for Nick Nuyens, Johan Vansummeren and Sebastian Langeveld. The experience from the big races will be very important for the future.

– What’s your racing schedule for the first months?

First I will do the Tour of Dubai. Afterwards, the team will announce what will be the next races.

– Charles Wegelius said you can be a great Classics rider in the future. Do you agree or do you see yourself capable of becoming an all-rounder, with results also in week-long stage races?

I agree with him. But I can also do my thing in stage races like the Eneco Tour. We will see what this year brings me and then we can say what kind of rider I am.

– Speaking of this, what races do you dream of winning?

My biggest dream is to win the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. I like very much these races since I was little.

– In 2013 you had an excellent first half of the season, but afterwards you didn’t get any more wins. What happened?

Nothing particular happened, I was just preparing myself for the Worlds. Besides that, my opponents keeped a constant eye on me in every race and in this conditions is not easy to get so many wins.

– In Firenze you came with the first chasing group in the road race and finished 23rd the time trial. How were these two experiences?

On the day of the time trail I was not on my best. You must have a very good day to be on the podium. In the road race I don’t think I could have done better.

– You had many great wins in the last years, as a U23 rider. Which of these would you rate as the most important or beautiful?

The most important was Thuringen Rundfahrt. As for the most beautiful, I have to say the National road race, but also Olympia’s Tour stands high on my list.

– For two seasons now, you’re being hailed as one of the most promising Dutch riders. Does this bring an extra pressure, knowing that people expect results as soon as possible?

Not at this moment. Maybe it was a good decision that I signed with Garmin-Sharp. Now I can perform a little bit in the shadow of Sebastian Langeveld in the Classics.

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