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Bas Tietema: “BMC Development is the best step for my career”


Bas Tietema started cycling only three years ago, but his results are impressive, the Dutch rider netting already 11 wins as a Junior in all kind of races, thus proving his versatility. Next year, Bas will ride for BMC Development, team managed by the 2001 Flèche Wallonne winner, Rik Verbrugghe, and and he hopes to continue improving and show he can have a serious future in cycling. More about this, in the following interview.

– Bas, how did you start cycling? What made you come to this sport?

At first, I’ve played football for a couple of years, but then I got injured. Anyway, I was always watching cycling events on television, so this was the moment to start with cycling.

– Do you remember a race that impressed you, that had a big impact on your decision?

Yes, Paris-Roubaix was always a wonderful race, which I watched from the start to finish! And, of course, the Tour de France. I’ve also watched the Tour peloton when I was a little child on holiday with my parents and my little sisters.

– And was there a rider you looked up to? An idol? 

Not an idol, but there are a lot of riders with their own strenghts that I like. And you can’t compare all the riders with each other. But Philippe Gilbert, Fabian Cancellara, Mark Cavendish and Alberto Contador are all riders with a wonderful career.

– How was the road as a Junior in these last years? 

I ride my bike for only three years and every year it went better and better. So I got every year more and more experience. My last year as a Junior was a good one for me. I learned a lot and I also had a lot of good results.

– What’s the one result that makes you proud? 

I’ve won 11 races in total, but it’s difficult to answer to this question. Every win is a special one. But I think the wins which make me proud are the first stage of the Keizer der Juniores, the individual time trial in the Ronde des Vallees or the Dutch Classic Omloop door het Land van Bartje.

– GC or Classics rider in the future? 

This year both things went very well. In the next years, with BMC Devolopment, I will try to develop myself even further and we’ll see if I’m more a GC or Classics rider. For the moment I like both.

– Speaking of this, when did you got the offer from BMC Development?

After Keizer der Juniores I got in touch with Rik Verbrugghe and it was immediately a very good feeling. Rik Verbrugghe was a well-known cyclist, had a lot of good results as a pro and he has proven that he can develop young riders into becoming successful pros. So, in my opinion, this is the best next step in my cycling career, and I’m looking forward to be part of the BMC family.

– What expectations do you have for 2014? Do you know your programme? 

In 2014 I want to develop myself further, it’s going to be my first year as U23 rider, so I have no expectations when it comes to the results. The progression is the thing that counts the most. I don’t know my programme for now, but we will ride beautiful races in Europe and USA as well.

– You said you like stage races and also one-day races. What’s the top 3 of the races you would like to win as a pro? 

That’s a difficult one. The races who are the most special to me are Paris-Roubaix, the World Championships and the Tour de France, but not necessarily in this order. There are all very special and have their own history and heroes.

– One more question: how does a normal day looks like for you, when you’re not on the bike? What are your hobbies? 

Spending time with my family and friends. They are special for me, without them I wouldn’t have achieved what I achieved so far. When I’m not on the bike I try to spend as much time as possible with them. Another hobbie is listening music. My favourites are Passenger, Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran.

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