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2015 World Championships – ITT Stats

Richmond ITT

Historical stats

– Fabian Cancellara holds the record for the most wins, four

– The same Fabian Cancellara has the most medals: besides the four gold ones, he also got three bronze medals

– Germany leads the nations standings, with six victories

– Youngest ever champion is Michael Rogers, who was 23 at the time he first won the title (2003)

– Bradley Wiggins is the oldest ever champion: 34 years in 2014

– Most editions of the event took part in Italy, who got to host the ITT World Championships five times

– Only four countries from outside of Europe got to host the race: Australia, Canada, Colombia and the United States

– Eight nations won gold at least once: Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine

– Only non-European riders to land the victory are Santiago Botero (Colombia) and Michael Rogers (Australia)

– Fabian Cancellara, Tony Martin and Michael Rogers are the cyclists who have successfully defended their title

– Fabian Cancellara and Alex Zülle are the only riders who have won the gold medal on home turf

– Largest ever winning margin was recorded in 2009 – 1:27 between Fabian Cancellara and Gustav Larsson

– Smallest ever gap was in 2003, when Michael Rogers and Uwe Peschel were separated by half a second

– Shortest race took place in Lisbon, 14 years ago: 38,7 kilometers

– Longest edition was in Florence, in 2013: 57,9 kilometers

2015 stats

– The course is 53 kilometers-long and has a total altitude gain of 245 meters

– 41 countries will have at least one cyclists in Richmond

– Of these riders, six have scored a World Tour win in a time trial this season: Marcin Bialoblocki, Rohan Dennis, Tom Dumoulin, Vasil Kiryienka, Adriano Malori and Tony Martin

– Australia has the most cyclists in the race – three – as a result of Michael Hepburn’s victory at the Oceania Championships

– Astana is the team which has the most riders at this edition, six

– Tony Martin is the only former winner of the rainbow jersey to be at the start

– If the German comes first, then he’ll equal Fabian Cancellara’s record of four victories

– Stefan Küng (21 years) is the youngest cyclist in the race, while Gustav Larsson (35 years) is the oldest one

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