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2015 Tour de Suisse Stats

– Simon Spilak became the first ever Slovenian rider to win the race

– Slovenia is the 16th country to give an overall champion in the Tour de Suisse

– Same Spilak is the first rider since Levi Leipheimer, in 2011, to take the GC without scoring a success in a stage along the way

– Peter Sagan joined Ferdi Kübler and Hugo Koblet in an all-time stage wins classification, with 11 victories

– The Slovak also holds the record for the most points jerseys, five, all won in a row

– IAM Cycling’s Stefan Denifl became the first Austrian to win the mountains classification

– Tom Dumoulin took both individual time trials; not since Gerrie Knetemann (1979) a Dutch rider has managed to notch at least two stages at one edition

– Winner in Risch-Rotkreuz, Kristijan Durasek is the first Croatian cyclist to nab a World Tour success

– Gotthardpass featured in the race for the 37th time, thus extending its record in the history of the Tour de Suisse

– 120 riders have completed the race, the fewest since 2012

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