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Giro d’Italia Stats

Historical stats

– The race was created in 1909 and the inaugural edition was won by Luigi Ganna

– In 1912 there was no individual classification, but a team classification, won by Atala

– Alfredo Binda, Fausto Coppi and Eddy Merckx share the record for the most GC wins, five each

– Italy leads the nations standings, with 68 triumps, way head of Belgium, which has only seven

– Felice Gimondi has the most podium finishes: 9

– Longest edition took place in 1962 (4180 kilometers), while the shortest one was the inaugural one (2445 kilometers)

– The race had 11 foreign starts until now: San Marino (1965), Monaco (1966), Belgium (1973), Vatican (1974), Greece (1996), France (1998), Netherlands (2002), Belgium (2006), Netherlands (2010), Denmark (2012), Northern Ireland (2014)

– Fausto Coppi is the youngest ever winner: 20 years and 268 days (1940); the oldest winner is Fiorenzo Magni: 34 years and 180 days (1955)

– Olimpio Bizzi (19 years and 299 days in 1936) is the youngest stage winner, while Giovanni Rossignoli (37 years and 186 days in 1920) is the oldest one

– In 1932, Giovanni Gerbi – 47 at that time – became the oldest rider to compete in the event

– Wladimiro Panizza has the most Giro d’Italia starts (18) and finishes (16)

– Between 1909 and 1913, the scoring format used a points-based system, which was subsequently changed to a time-based system

– Only three cyclists from outside of Europe have won the race: Andrew Hampsten (U.S.A.), Ryder Hesjedal (Canada) and Nairo Quintana (Colombia)

– The pink jersey is awarded to the race leader since 1931 and the first rider to wear it was Learco Guerra

– Eddy Merckx has the most days in the maglia rosa, 79

– Andrea Noe is the oldest ever cyclist to take the pink jersey: 38 years in 2007

– Four riders have led the race from start to finish: Costante Girardengo (1919), Alfredo Binda (1927), Eddy Merckx (1973) and Gianni Bugno (1990)

– Two cyclists have lost the race in the last day: Laurent Fignon (1984) and Joaquim Rodriguez (2012)

– There are 14 riders who have won the overall without taking a stage win

– Longest ever stage took place in 1914 (Lucca-Rome, 430 km), and was won by Costante Girardengo

– Shortest one was won by Roger Swerts – 20 kilometers starting and finishinf in Forte dei Marmi – in 1972

– The longest ever individual time trial came at the 1951 edition – 81 kilometers between Perugia and Terni – and was won by Fausto Coppi

– Switzerland was the first foreign country to be visited by the peloton, in 1920

– In 1921, the race began to be filmed in order to be screened in cinemas

– 1928 was the year with the most cyclists at the start: 298

– Alfredo Binda holds the record for the most consecutive stage wins, 8 in 1929, and for the most stage wins at one edition, 12 in 1927

– Another Italian, Mario Cipollini, has the most stage in the history of the Giro: 42

– The mountains classification was introduced in 1933, same year an individual time trial took place

– First edition to feature the Dolomites was the 1937 one; same year, the team time trial was introduced

– The closest winning margin Giro history came in 1948, when only 11 seconds separated Fiorenzo Magni and Ezio Cecchi

– The largest winning margin was recorded in 1914, when Alfonso Calzolari won for 1h 57’ 26’’

2015 stats

– 22 teams (17 World Tour, 5 Pro Continental) will line-up for the 98th edition of the Corsa Rosa

– Of these, two are winless this season: Bardiani and Nippo-Vini Fantini

– The 2015 race start in San Lorenzo al Mare and finishes in Milan, after 3481,8 kilometers and 43 000 meters of vertical climbing meters

– This is going to be the 9th time when the Giro d’Italia kicks off with a team time trial

– Four former winners are at the start of the Giro d’Italia this year: Ivan Basso, Alberto Contador, Damiano Cunego and Ryder Hesjedal

– Sky and Trek are only teams not fielding a single rider from the country in which they are registered

– Cyclists from 36 countries will run the Giro d’Italia: Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kazahstan, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.S.A., Venezuela

– As expected, Italy has the most riders in the peloton: 59

– Germany’s Rick Zabel (21 years) is the youngest cyclist at the start, while Alessandro Petacchi (41 years) is the oldest one

– The riders who are at the start have won a combined total of 10 Grand Tours, 14 Monuments, 5 world titles (RR+ITT) and more than 150 Grand Tour stages

– Seven neo-pros will make their debut in a Grand Tour: Giacomo Berlato, Clement Chevrier, Luca Chirico, Eduard Grosu, Stefan Küng, Riccardo Stacchiotti and Louis Vervaeke

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6 thoughts on “Giro d’Italia Stats

  1. Eu consider ca renuntarea la Edi sa nu faca p[arte din lotul ptr Giro este de bun augur ptr viitorul sau, la modul ca decat o dezamagire in Giro si probabil un abandon pe nepusa masa, mai bun un `Tour of Japan` unde se poate relansa si reface moralul ptr cursele ce vor urma, sezonul n-a ajuns nici la jumatate.
    Este tanar, are toate sansele sa participe la N tururi precum Giro si nu numai, tine doar de forma fizica si victorii pe care numai el stie cum sa si le treaca in cont. 😉
    Ramane Tvetcov care cred ca va face o figura frumoasa in Giro, chiar imi place mai mult decat Edi, este genul meu de ciclist ! 🙂

    Interesant rusul de la Katusha, are o varsta frumoasa si se pare ca se anunta a fi un rutier de luat in seama la cum a aratat in Turul Romandiei.

    Greipel va spune ` pas ` Turului Frantei ? :-O

  2. Salut,

    interesant ar fi daca ai gasi niste imagini de la cursele din anii ’20. Sa vedem cum arata Giro acum aproape 100 de ani.

    In alta ordine de idei, ai uitat sa amintesti de evenimentul secolului care va avea loc in Giro: primul roman care participa in aceasta cursa.

  3. Sorin A. on said:

    Se confirma stirea. Apare Grosu in fotografia cu echipa de Giro de pe site-ul oficial al echipei Nippo. Doi romani in Giro ! Cine ar fi crezut ?

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