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Gent-Wevelgem Stats

Historical stats:

– The first edition of the race took place in September 1934 and was won by Gustave Van Bell

– In 1935, the organizers decided to include the Flemish Ardennes on the course

– Starting with 1945, the race became open for pro cyclists, up until that point having at the start only amateurs

– Five riders share the record for the most victories (3): Tom Boonen, Mario Cipollini, Eddy Merckx, Robert Van Eenaeme and Rik Van Looy

– Belgium leads the nations standings, with 48 wins, way ahead of Italy (6) and Netherlands (5)

– The only rider to win the race while wearing the rainbow jersey was Rik Van Looy, in 1962

– The record for the longest time span – 10 years – between the first and last victory belongs to Mario Cipollini: 1992-2002

– Belgium’s Johan Museeuw has the most podiums – 4 – without winning the race

– Only winners from outside of Europe are Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (Uzbekistan) and George Hincapie (U.S.A.)

– Biggest time gap between first and second was recorded in 1950, when Briek Schotte came home 2:46 ahead of Albert Decin

– Youngest ever winner is André Declerck (19 years in 1939), while the oldest one is Briek Schotte (35 years in 1955)

– Same Briek Schotte is the first cyclist to win the race witk Kemmelberg on the course (1955)

2015 stats:

– The 2015 race will have 239 km and 9 climbs: Casselberg, Casselberg, Catsberg, Baneberg, Kemmelberg, Monteberg, Baneberg, Kemmelberg and Monteberg

– Five former winners will be at the start of the 77th edition: Edvald Boasson Hagen, Marcus Burghardt, John Degenkolb, Bernhard Eisel and Peter Sagan

– As expected, Belgium will line-up the most cyclists, 34

– Jakub Mareczko is the youngest rider to take part in the 2015 race: 20 years

– His teammate from Southeast, Alessandro Petacchi, is the oldest one: 41 years

– The peloton of this this year’s race has won a combined total of 8 Monuments and more than 150 Grand Tour stages

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