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Rohan Dennis – new Hour Record: 52,491 km/h

Rohan Dennis Hour Record

Patrick Konrad: “I hope to race the Tour de France this year”

Patrick Konrad

As a child, Patrick Konrad tried many sports – football, running and jiu-jitsu – but when he finally discovered cycling it was love at first sight, and he decided to pursue a career here. So he joined a local team before turning 14, raced against older boys and scored some strong results from the first races, which gave him the confidence that he can become a successful pro one day.

Then, as the years passed, the young Austrian began to show his potential in some of the most important amateur races, like the Course de la Paix or the 2013 Tour de l’Avenir, where he finished third. That result announced what was to come a year later, when Patrick Konrad had an excellent season, winning the Oberösterreich-Rundfahrt and a stage in the prestigious Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux, as well as coming 4th in the Tour of Austria, behind three World Tour riders, all much more experienced than him.

A very strong climber, the 23-year-old Austrian also has a fine time trial, and these skills combined with his impressive CV were for enough for Bora-Argon 18 to take him as a stagiaire for the summer of 2014, before giving him a contract. Now, entering his first pro year, Patrick Konrad has huge ambitions and is very determined to build on the results he had in the U23 ranks, in order to show everyone that he has a nice future in the sport’s biggest stage races.

– Patrick, you began cycling around a decade ago. How popular was the sport back then in your country?  

When I started cycling it was ok, we had some good international pros, like Georg Totschnig, whom I remember winning a mountain stage in Tour de France (ed. 2005, Ax 3 Domaines). When I started cycling I did it with some friends; we were 8-10 young guys, a really nice group that had fun all the time on the bike.

– Does it get more media attention now?

Yes, in the mean time cycling became more famous in my country, the media and the newspapers are more interested, because there are many young new talents in Austria, like Riccardo Zoidl, Matthias Brändle, Georg Preidler, my teammate Daniel Schorn and I, as well. Now we have a mix of good young riders and the media and the journalists know that, they are interested in the way we prepare in the winter and how we perform during the season.

– You’re a strong climber and a good time trialist, but is there something that you will like to improve?  

To be frankly, I want to be better in both. I had a good time during the training camp in Mallorca, I did an aerodynamic test and the team really supported me so far. As I said, I’m keen to improve my climbing and ITT, because I want to show my talent in stage races and I want to get as soon as possible good results for my team.

– Let’s talk about your results as an U23 rider. How important was winning the Oberösterreich-Rundfahrt?  

It was a really huge victory for me, it was my first win in an U23 stage race and it was even more important as the Oberösterreich-Rundfahrt was the home race of my team at that time. It was really important for us to get a big result there. Fortunately, my season planning was fine, everything worked and I got the victory.

– Less than one month later you came fourth in the Tour of Austria. What did it mean for you to finish ahead of so many World Tour riders?  

It was a really nice week for me and it showed me that I can perform well in a professional peloton. That result gave me a lot of confidence and now I’m happy to get a chance from Ralph Denk to race for Bora-Argon 18 and show my talent in the next two years.

– Speaking of this, how did you end up signing with Bora? 

During the Tour of Austria they told me that they want me to join them for the rest of the season as a stagiaire. Then, after I did a couple of races with the team, they informed me that I can stay as a pro and I was very happy about that.

– Did you get to talk with the management about the expectations they have from you this year? 

Yes, and they told me I have to show myself in stage races. After the Challenge Mallorca I will start the Tour of Oman, and in March I will do Tirreno-Adriatico. My race program is really good, the training camp was excellent and I’m very confident for my first races. I’m really excited to do Tirreno-Adriatico, it will be a very nice experience and I’m prepared to give my best there and to help my team. I hope I’ll make everyone happy. At the moment, it’s not 100% sure, but I also might go to the Giro del Trentino and Liège–Bastogne–Liège later in the season.

– Do you have any personal goals?  

I want to get as fast as possible very good results and victories for my team. One of my biggest goals is to start the Tour de France this year. I know I have to give my best until then, so we’ll see how things will pan out. I know I’m young, but I want to have a good form in the first part of the season and maybe this will help me get a place in the team for the Tour de France. It would be really great if I will be there. As for the years to come, I know that my future lies in the stage races and I will love to win a hard mountain stage in a big race. To be quite frankly, it doesn’t matter which race it is, as long as I get a nice victory.

Pe scurt

Încurajate de succesul avut în 2014, când Turul Franţei a plecat de acolo, oficialităţile din Yorkshire au anunţat vor să îşi depună candidatura pentru a organiza Campionatele Mondiale pe şosea în viitorul apropiat. Marea Britanie a mai găzduit competiţia de două ori, în 1970 (Leicester) şi 1982 (Goodwood), când învingători au fost Jean-Pierre Monseré, respectiv Giuseppe Saronni. Următoarele trei ediţii ale Mondialelor sunt programate în Statele Unite (2015), Qatar (2016) şi Norvegia (2017). Dacă Marea Britanie va fi aleasă de Uniunea Ciclistă Internaţională, este de aşteptat ca traseul să fie unul pentru puncheuri şi atacanţi, similar cu cel întâlnit în etapa secundă a Marii Bucle de anul trecut.

E3 Harelbeke, prima cursă de World Tour cu pavate din acest sezon, a anunţat cele cinci echipe Pro Continentale invitate la ediţia din 2015: Europcar, MTN-Qhubeka, Roompot, Topsport Vlaanderen şi Wanty-Groupe Gobert. Două zile mai târziu va avea loc Gent-Wevelgem, care a oferit şapte wild card-uri pentru cea de-a 77-a ediţie: Bora-Argon 18, Cofidis, Europcar, MTN-Qhubeka, Southeast, Topsport Vlaanderen şi Wanty-Groupe Gobert. Anul trecut, învingători în cele două curse din Belgia au fost Peter Sagan, respectiv John Degenkolb.

Potrivit cotidianului De Gelderlander, Turul Italiei 2016 va începe din Olanda, mai exact din oraşul Apeldoorn, care a găzduit Campionatele Mondiale de Velodrom, în 2011. A doua etapă va pleca şi se va încheia în Arnhem, în vreme ce a treia se va desfăşura în jurul oraşului Nijmegen. Giro a mai luat startul o singură dată din Olanda, în 2010, când Bradley Wiggins s-a impus în contratimpul individual desfăşurat pe străzile din Amsterdam. Atunci, în afară de Amsterdam, au mai fost vizitate două oraşe batave, Utrecht şi Middelburg.

Deşi iniţial s-a crezut că va merge mai departe, Turul Mediteranean nu se va mai disputa în acest sezon, după ce organizatorii nu au reuşit să facă rost de sumele necesare ca să achite premiile datorate cicliştilor pentru ultimele ediţii. O altă competiţie care se va opri este Gran Premio Industria&Artigianato di Larciano, organizatorii punând această decizie pe seama problemelor financiare, dar şi a faptului că echipele de World Tour nu au mai arătat un interes ridicat pentru cursa din Italia de ceva vreme. În urmă cu câteva săptămâni, Roma Maxima, Gran Premio di Camaiore şi Trofeo Melinda au anunţat că nu vor mai continua în 2015.

Toţi învingătorii curselor din acest sezon care au avut la start cel puţin o echipă de World Tour pot fi găsiţi aici.

Stefan Küng, a future cycling star

Cycling: BMC Racing Team 2015

BMC Racing Team made eight transfers for the new season, and one of the riders who signed with the US team is the very promising Stefan Küng, one of the most fascinating young cyclists in the peloton. Just 21-years-old, Küng showed glimpses of his great potential very early, back in 2011, when he shone in the Berner Rundfahrt – which he won – and in the Tour du Pays de Vaud, a race he went on to finish 3rd, after taking a stage along the way.

As an U23 rider, the Swiss signed with BMC Development and made a name for himself during the past two seasons, winning the Giro del Belvedere, the Tour de Normandie, Flèche Ardennaise and both races (road and time trial) at the European Championships in Nyon. As if this wasn’t enough to underline his potential, Küng finished second at the Swiss Nationals, less than one minute behind four-time world champion Fabian Cancellara.

Very strong in the time trials and made for the cobbled Classics (Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix) – which he dreams of winning in the future – Stefan Küng is powerful also on the track. Most recently, we could see this at the 2014 World Championships, where he took silver in the individual pursuit and bronze in the Madison race.

In 2015, Stefan Küng will be mixing road and track, and his first race as a pro will be the Dubai Tour. Wanting to know more about his expectations for this year, I contacted Mister Sean Weide, BMC’s press officer, and he helped me get in touch with the Swiss neo-pro and take him the following interview.

– Stefan, how did you get involved in cycling?

It was by fun, I would say. It wasn’t like the family was behind, I just love sports in general and cycling especially. Then a neighbour of mine was riding a lot and sometimes he took me on the rides, so when I was 10-years-old I asked my mother if I could join a club or if I could do some races. I had to call the president of the cycling club in the area and they gave me a bike, I did the first race after two weeks with the new bike and then things went on and on. I liked it, I always did it for fun and when I discovered I’m pretty good at it and I can win races it became more fun. As an U17 I got to go in some races abroad, then as a Junior came the first World Championships, then the first European title on the track, and then, as an U23 I really started to focus on cycling and here I am now, with the BMC Racing Team, as a pro rider in the World Tour.

– Let’s talk about your U23 years. Which of the successes you had is on the top of your accomplishments?

I would say the two European titles, on the road and in the time trial. It was a really important event for the Swiss Cycling Federation and for myself as well, and I really fixed that as a big goal in my calendar. To win both titles there it was a really special thing and it is until now the greatest achievement of my career.

– How about the ITT at the Swiss National Championships, do you have mixed feelings about that? On one hand you got a nice silver medal, behind Fabian Cancellara, but on the other hand you had a problem at the start.

I had two screws to fix the back wheel and one of them broke so the wheel blocked and the same happened to the brakes. I saw it at first and I went again, but I had to change bikes, so after 500 meters I already had to stop twice and probably lost about a minute there. At the first time check I was 56 seconds down to Fabian Cancellara and at the finish 49. When I think about it I’m still happy and maybe it’s better like that, because I was there and at the end of the day I knew that I was able to perform at the same level with Cancellara. Sure, he wasn’t in the best shape, but he’s a four-time world champion and he’s a big idol also, and so it was pretty great to see I am able to compete at a top level. A couple of days before I already signed the pro contract, so I knew then that I made the right decision.

– Talking about your success on the track, how did the track background helped you on the road?

It still helps me a lot, because on the track you get the speed in your legs, it’s a fixed gear and you get a good pedal stroke. It’s high cadence racing, high intensity, and you have to know how to move in the bunch, how to use your elbows and body in order to get the best position. In my opinion is the best school you can have as an athlete and it really helps you grow. I still love the track and I still do it, because it’s a nice change from the long road races to short and very intense action.

– You’re now attending the team’s second training camp in Denia. Tell me how the first one was and how you’re feeling going into this one.

The team is good, I really like the spirit in the team. It’s a good group of guys, we laugh a lot and have fun. My form is pretty good, I’m happy with it, and I have the Dubai Tour coming up and then the Track World Championships. I also did some track training since the London World Cup and I’m really excited to start racing in my first season as a pro.

– Will we see you doing any of the pre-race program when Rohan Dennis does his Hour Record attempt, are you involved in that?

I won’t be there. It’s a pity, but I arrive that day from Dubai. I wish him luck for that and I really hope he can do it. I know the Grenchen velodrome well, I spent a lot of time on it and it would be great if he could do it, next to the BMC headquarters.

– What goals do you have for 2015?

I’m a neo-pro and every neo-pro says he wants to learn and get some experience, but that will come along on the way, so my goal is to take a chance if I’ll have it. I’m not here just to learn, I want to win races. Even if I’m pro, I think I have a chance in a shorter time trial or in a race from a lower class. If I’ll be there in the finale, I’m sure I can play my cards.

– And as your career moves forward, are there any big jewels of cycling races that you’d like to win?

The Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix suit me very well, so of course these are two of my dreams. Also, as a Swiss rider, the Tour de Suisse is very important and to get a stage there one day it would be great. At the moment I don’t think about that, I think more of races like the Three Days of West Flanders, where I can be competitive with the best. I want to take things step by step and maybe in a few years I’ll sit here and talk about if I’ll be able to win Paris-Roubaix.

Edvald Boasson Hagen: “I just want to win more races”

Edvald Boasson Hagen

2015 will mark Edvald Boasson Hagen’s 7th season in the pro peloton, one which finds him in the roster of MTN-Qhubeka, his third team since turning pro, after HTC-HighRoad and Sky. One of the biggest talents in the sport, compared by some with Sean Kelly, and by others with Laurent Jalabert, the Norwegian is just 27-years-old, and so far has built himself a nice palmares, which includes Gent-Wevelgem, the Vattenfall Cyclassics, stages in the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France, two GC wins in both the Tour of Norway and the Eneco Tour, as well as a silver medal in the World Championships.

A rider made for the Classics, but who is equally impressive in stage races or in the ITT, Boasson Hagen didn’t have a great season in 2014, and at the end of it he took many people by surprise when he decided to switch teams and sign with MTN-Qhubeka, where he’s sure of getting plenty of opportunities of getting back at the top. After a good start in the Challenge Mallorca (19th in the Trofeo Santanyi), Edvald Boasson Hagen is ready for the Tour of Qatar and Tour of Oman, where he’ll build up his form for the Spring Classics.

But before travelling to the Middle East, the Norwegian rider made some time to answer a couple of questions for Cafe Roubaix regarding his goals for this season.

– Edvald, 2014 was your first season without a win since turning pro. What do you think were the causes for this?

It’s not fun not winning a race, but sometimes it doesn’t mean anything. Hopefully I can do better this year. I still had good moments last season, and the best one was in the Spring, when I finished third in Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. I was strong there, I didn’t win, but my team mate did it, and it was important for me to be this close.

– In the past seasons you’ve become better and better on the mountains. Do you feel this stopped your development as a Classics rider?

It’s hard to say actually, but I don’t feel that the Classics or the sprints could have been any better. I also didn’t win any mountain stages, so I can’t say if this stopped or not my development. What I do know is that I will try to go back, to be more punchy and do better in the sprints now.

– What were the reasons that stood behind your transfer to MTN-Qhubeka?

After five years with Sky, where it was really nice, sometimes it is good to try something new and when MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung came and started talking about the team’s project, my chances and the project behind Qhubeka, which helped other people throughout the bike, it was enough to convince me. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of opportunities here.

– Do you see this move as a new start in your career?

It’s difficult to say. It’s not a new start, for me it’s just a change of teams. Hopefully, I will come back and win more races again, because that’s also what the team wants, to win as much as possible and to promote Qhubeka thanks to these victories.

– On what did you focus during the winter?

I’ve been working a lot more in the gym to develop my strength and hopefully I’ll be better now on peak power and sprinting.

– What races would you like to do?

Same ones like before, the Classics and the Tour de France. I want to go in all these races and as I said, I want to start winning again, because I missed that last year.

– Speaking of the Classics, how would you rate MTN-Qhubeka’s team for these races?

I think it’s a strong group of riders, with a lot cyclists made for the Classics, and I’m sure we will race together really well.

Rider of the week

After the Tour Down Under, won by Rohan Dennis, last week it was the time for the first European races of the season, which came in Spain, where the 25th edition of the Challenge Mallorca took place. Following the pattern of the previous years, two stages were reserved to the puncheurs and climbers, while the other two were meant to be a sprinter’s affair. And they were indeed, but it just happened that those two flat stages turned out to be a one-man show, as Matteo Pelucchi won both without too many problems, each time finishing ahead of strong sprinters, like Elia Viviani, André Greipel or Nacer Bouhanni.

A former national junior champion on the track, Pelucchi has had a hard time finding his place in the pro peloton, his first years – spent with Geox and Europcar – lacking consistence and opportunities. Fortunately for the Italian, IAM Cycling become interested in him and offered a contract starting from 2014, and this turned out to be the move that relaunched his career, because the Swiss team gave him the confidence and chances he was searching for. Once this happened, Pelucchi showed that he can match the best on a flat finish, winning a stage in the Tirreno-Adriatico, in what was one of the biggest surprises seen in recent years in a sprint.

In 2015, after a hard winter work during which he made some serious progress, Matteo Pelucchi decided to start his season in the Challenge Mallorca, where he proved to be in an excellent form, taking both the Trofeo Santanyi-Ses Salines-Campos and the Trofeo Playa de Palma-Palma. Now 26-year-old, the Italian looks to have found the mental strength he needed so much in the past, a factor that can help him beat the top sprinters of the peloton. Taking this, as well as his form, into consideration, watch out for Pelucchi this Spring, because the IAM Cycling rider has all that he needs to notch up some more victories (even at a World Tour level) and show that he deserves a place amongst the fastest sprinters in the world.

Cadel Evans’ career in numbers

– First Australian cyclist to win the Tour de France (2011)

– First Australian to become world champion in the road race (Mendrisio, 2009)

– Raced 17 Grand Tours and finished them all, bar one (first – 2002 Giro, last 2014 Vuelta)

– Got a GC podium in all three Grand Tours

– Won two stages in the Tour de France and another one in the Corsa Rosa

– Only Australian rider to take the points classification in the Giro d’Italia

– Wore the Tour de France yellow jersey for eight days

– First cyclist from Down Under who has won Tirreno-Adriatico

– Only the third rider to win Flèche Wallonne while wearing the rainbow jersey (2010); he’s also the first Australian to finish first in the Belgian Classic

– Holds the record for the longest time span between two victories in the Tour de Romandie (2006 – 2011)

– Rode for five teams: Saeco Macchine per Caffè, Mapei-Quick Step, Telekom, Davitamon-Lotto and BMC

– During his pro career, he took part in 87 races from 21 countries

2015 Results

Tour de San Luis (January 19-25) Winner
Stage 1 Fernando Gaviria
Stage 2 Daniel Diaz
Stage 3 Fernando Gaviria
Stage 4 Daniel Diaz
Stage 5 Adriano Malori
Stage 6 Kleber Ramos
Stage 7 Mark Cavendish
Overall Daniel Diaz
Mountains classification Rodolfo Torres
Youth classification Rodrigo Contreras
Team classification Colombia-Coldeportes


Tour Down Under (January 20-25) Winner
Stage 1 Jack Bobridge
Stage 2 Juan Jose Lobato
Stage 3 Rohan Dennis
Stage 4 Steele Von Hoff
Stage 5 Richie Porte
Stage 6 Wouter Wippert
Overall Rohan Dennis
Points classification Daryl Impey
Mountains classification Jack Bobridge
Youth classification Rohan Dennis
Team classification Movistar



Mallorca (January 29-February 1)

Trofeo Santanyi Matteo Pelucchi
Trofeo Andratx Stephen Cummings
Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana Alejandro Valverde
Trofeo Playa de Palma Matteo Pelucchi


Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race (February 1) Winner
  Gianni Meersman


Grand Prix La Marseillaise (February 1) Winner
  Pim Ligthart


Herald Sun Tour (February 4-8) Winner
Prologue William Clarke
Stage 1 Cameron Meyer
Stage 2 Caleb Ewan
Stage 3 Caleb Ewan
Stage 4 Patrick Bevin
Overall Cameron Meyer
Points classification Cameron Meyer
Mountains classification Cameron Bayly
Youth classification Robert Power
Team classification Orica-GreenEdge


Dubai Tour (February 4-7) Winner
Stage 1 Mark Cavendish
Stage 2 Elia Viviani
Stage 3 John Degenkolb
Stage 4 Mark Cavendish
Overall Mark Cavendish
Points classification Mark Cavendish
Youth classification Michael Valgren


Étoile de Bessèges (February 4-9) Winner
Stage 1 Kris Boeckmans
Stage 2 Roy Jans
Stage 3 Bryan Coquard
Stage 4 Tony Gallopin
Stage 5 Bob Jungels
Overall Bob Jungels
Points classification Edward Theuns
Mountains classification Julien Loubet
Youth classification Alexis Gougeard
Team classification Trek Factory Racing


Gran Premio Costa degli Etruschi (February 8) Winner
  Manuel Belletti


Tour of Qatar (February 8-13) Winner
Stage 1 Jose Joaquin Rojas
Stage 2 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 3 Niki Terpstra
Stage 4 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 5 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 6 Sam Bennett
Overall Niki Terpstra
Points classification Alexander Kristoff
Youth classification Peter Sagan
Team classification Etixx-Quick Step


Vuelta a Murcia (February 14) Winner
  Rein Taaramae


Clasica de Almeria (February 15) Winner
  Mark Cavendish


Tour of Oman (February 17-22) Winner
Stage 1 Andrea Guardini
Stage 2 Fabian Cancellara
Stage 3 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 4 Rafael Valls
Stage 5 –––––––-
Stage 6 Matthias Brändle
Overall Rafael Valls
Points classification Andrea Guardini
Youth classification Louis Meintjes
Team classification BMC


Ruta del Sol (February 18-22) Winner
Stage 1A Pim Ligthart
Stage 1B Javier Moreno
Stage 2 Juan Jose Lobato
Stage 3 Alberto Contador
Stage 4 Chris Froome
Stage 5 Juan Jose Lobato
Overall Chris Froome
Points classification Chris Froome
Mountains classification Peio Bilbao
Team classification Sky


Volta ao Algarve 18-22) Winner
Stage 1 Gianni Meersman
Stage 2 Geraint Thomas
Stage 3 Tony Martin
Stage 4 Richie Porte
Stage 5 André Greipel
Overall Geraint Thomas
Points classification Geraint Thomas
Mountains classification Richie Porte
Youth classification Davide Formolo
Team classification Katusha


Trofeo Laigueglia (February 19) Winner
  Davide Cimolai


Tour du Haut Var 21-22) Winner
Stage 1 Ben Gastauer
Stage 2 Luka Mezgec
Overall Ben Gastauer
Points classification Philippe Gilbert
Mountains classification Ignatas Konovalovas
Youth classification Quentin Pacher
Team classification Bretagne-Séché


Classic Sud Ardeche (February 28) Winner
  Eduardo Sepulveda


Omloop Het Nieuwsblad (February 28) Winner
  Ian Stannard


Drome Classics (March 1) Winner
  Samuel Dumoulin


Gran Premio di Lugano (March 1) Winner
  Niccolo Bonifazio


Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne (March 1) Winner
  Mark Cavendish


Le Samyn (March 4) Winner
  Kris Boeckmans


Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen (March 6-8) Winner
Prologue Anton Vorobyev
Stage 1 Yves Lampaert
Stage 2 Danny van Poppel
Overall Yves Lampaert
Points classification Yves Lampaert
Mountains classification Tim Kerkhof
Youth classification Yves Lampaert
Team classification Etixx-Quick Step


Strade Bianche (March 7) Winner
  Zdenek Stybar


Tour de Langkawi (March 8-15) Winner
Stage 1 Andrea Guardini
Stage 2 Andrea Guardini
Stage 3 Caleb Ewan
Stage 4 Andrea Guardini
Stage 5 Seo Joon Yong
Stage 6 Caleb Ewan
Stage 7 Youcef Reguigui
Stage 8 Andrea Guardini
Overall Youcef Reguigui
Points classification Caleb Ewan
Mountains classification Kiel Reijnen
Team classification Pegasus Continental


Paris-Nice (March 8-15) Winner
Prologue Michal Kwiatkowski
Stage 1 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 2 Andre Greipel
Stage 3 Michael Matthews
Stage 4 Richie Porte
Stage 5 Davide Cimolai
Stage 6 Tony Gallopin
Stage 7 Richie Porte
Overall Richie Porte
Points classification Michael Matthews
Mountains classification Thomas De Gendt
Youth classification Michal Kwiatkowski
Team classification Sky


Tirreno-Adriatico (March 11-17) Winner
Stage 1 Adriano Malori
Stage 2 Jens Debusschere
Stage 3 Greg Van Avermaet
Stage 4 Wout Poels
Stage 5 Nairo Quintana
Stage 6 Peter Sagan
Stage 7 Fabian Cancellara
Overall Nairo Quintana
Points classification Peter Sagan
Mountains classification Carlos Quintero
Youth classification Nairo Quintana
Team classification Katusha


Ronde van Drenthe (March 14) Winner
  Edward Theuns


Dwars door Drenthe (March 15) Winner
  Manuel Belletti


Nokere Koerse (March 18) Winner
  Kris Boeckmans


Gran Premio Nobili (March 19) Winner
  Giacomo Nizzolo


Handzame Classic (March 20) Winner
  Gianni Meersman


Classic Loire Atlantique (March 21) Winner
  Alexis Gougeard


Ronde Van Zeeland Seaports (March 21) Winner
  Iljo Keisse


Cholet-Pays de Loire (March 22) Winner
  Pierrick Fedrigo


Milan-Sanremo (March 22) Winner
  John Degenkolb


Volta a Catalunya (March 23-29) Winner
Stage 1 Maciej Paterski
Stage 2 Alejandro Valverde
Stage 3 Domenico Pozzovivo
Stage 4 Tejay van Garderen
Stage 5 Alejandro Valverde
Stage 6 Sergei Chernetckii
Stage 7 Alejandro Valverde
Overall Richie Porte
Mountains classification Tom Danielson
Youth classification Wilco Kelderman
Team classification BMC


Dwars door Vlaanderen (March 25) Winner
  Jelle Wallays


Clasica Corsica (March 26) Winner
  Thomas Boudat


Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali (March 26-29) Winner
Stage 1a Manuel Belletti
Stage 1b CCC Sprandi Polowice
Stage 2 Ben Swift
Stage 3 Francesco Chicchi
Stage 4 Louis Meintjes
Overall Louis Meintjes
Points classification Ben Swift
Mountains classification Primoz Roglic
Youth classification Simone Petilli
Team classification Sky


E3 Harelbeke (March 27) Winner
  Geraint Thomas


Criterium International (March 28-29) Winner
Stage 1 Benjamin King
Stage 2 Fabio Felline
Stage 3 Jean-Christophe Peraud
Overall Jean-Christophe Peraud
Points classification Fabio Felline
Mountains classification Marco Canola
Youth classification Thibaut Pinot
Team classification AG2R


Gent-Wevelgem (March 29) Winner
  Luca Paolini


Three Days of De Panne (March 31-April 2) Winner
Stage 1 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 2 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 3a Alexander Kristoff
Stage 3b Bradley Wiggins
Overall Alexander Kristoff
Points classification Alexander Kristoff
Mountains classification Jarl Salomein
Team classification Lotto-Soudal


Route Adélie de Vitré (April 3) Winner
  Romain Feillu


Volta Limburg Classic (April 4) Winner
  Stefan Küng


Gran Premio Miguel Indurain (April 4) Winner
  Angel Vicioso


Vuelta a la Rioja (April 4) Winner
  Caleb Ewan


Paris-Camembert (April 4) Winner
  Julien Loubet


Tour of Flanders (April 5) Winner
  Alexander Kristoff


Vuelta al Pais Vasco (April 6-11) Winner
Stage 1 Michael Matthews
Stage 2 Fabio Felline
Stage 3 Joaquim Rodriguez
Stage 4 Joaquim Rodriguez
Stage 5 Mikel Landa
Stage 6 Tom Dumoulin
Overall Joaquim Rodriguez
Points classification Joaquim Rodriguez
Mountains classification Omar Fraile
Team classification Katusha


Circuit de la Sarthe (April 7-10) Winner
Stage 1 Nacer Bouhanni
Stage 2 Anthony Roux
Stage 3 Adriano Malori
Stage 4 Manuele Boaro
Stage 5 Nacer Bouhanni
Overall Ramunas Navardauskas
Points classification Nacer Bouhanni
Mountains classification Louis Meintjes
Youth classification Sven Erik Bystrøm
Team classification Cannondale-Garmin


Scheldeprijs (April 8) Winner
  Alexander Kristoff


Klasika Primavera (April 12) Winner
  Jose Herrada


Paris-Roubaix (April 12) Winner
  John Degenkolb


Brabantse Pijl (April 15) Winner
  Ben Hermans


Grand Prix de Denain (April 16) Winner
  Nacer Bouhanni


Vuelta a Castilla y Leon (April 17-19) Winner
Stage 1 Pello Bilbao
Stage 2 Sergey Shilov
Stage 3 Pierre Rolland
Overall Pierre Rolland
Points classification Pello Bilbao
Mountains classification Garikoitz Bravo
Team classification Movistar


Tour du Finistere (April 18) Winner
  Tim De Troyer


Tro-Bro Leon (April 19) Winner
  Alexandre Geniez


Amstel Gold Race (April 19) Winner
  Michal Kwiatkowski


Giro del Trentino (April 21-24) Winner
Stage 1 Bora-Argon 18
Stage 2 Richie Porte
Stage 3 Domenico Pozzovivo
Stage 4 Paolo Tiralongo
Overall Richie Porte
Mountains classification Rodolfo Torres
Youth classification Louis Meintjes
Team classification Astana


Flèche Wallonne (April 22) Winner
  Alejandro Valverde


La Roue Tourangelle (April 26) Winner
  Lorrenzo Manzin


Liège–Bastogne–Liège (April 26) Winner
  Alejandro Valverde


Tour of Turkey (April 26-May 3) Winner
Stage 1 Mark Cavendish
Stage 2 Mark Cavendish
Stage 3 Davide Rebellin
Stage 4 André Greipel
Stage 5 Sacha Modolo
Stage 6 Pello Bilbao
Stage 7 Mark Cavendish
Stage 8 Lluis Mas Bonet
Overall Kristijan Durasek
Points classification Mark Cavendish
Mountains classification Juan Pablo Valencia
Team classification Caja Rural


Tour de Romandie (April 28-May 3) Winner
Stage 1 Sky
Stage 2 Michael Albasini
Stage 3 Michael Albasini
Stage 4 Stefan Küng
Stage 5 Thibaut Pinot
Stage 6 Tony Martin
Overall Ilnur Zakarin
Mountains classification Maxim Belkov
Youth classification Thibaut Pinot
Team classification Katusha


Tour de Yorkshire (May 1-May 3) Winner
Stage 1 Lars Petter Nordhaug
Stage 2 Moreno Hofland
Stage 3 Ben Hermans
Overall Lars Petter Nordhaug
Points classification Lars Petter Nordhaug
Mountains classification Nicolas Edet
Team classification Sky


Vuelta a Asturias (May 2-May 2) Winner
Stage 1 Igor Anton
Stage 2 Jesus Herrada
Overall Igor Anton
Points classification Jesus Herrada
Mountains classification Rodolfo Torres
Team classification Movistar


Grand Prix de la Somme (May 3) Winner
  Quentin Jauregui


Quatre Jours de Dunkerque (May 6-10) Winner
Stage 1 Bryan Coquard
Stage 2 Jonas Ahlstrand
Stage 3 Alexis Gougeard
Stage 4 Omar Fraile
Stage 5 Edward Theuns
Overall Ignatas Konovalovas
Points classification Bryan Coquard
Mountains classification Julien Antomarchi
Youth classification Bryan Coqiard
Team classification Bretagne–Séché


Vuelta Ciclista Comunidad de Madrid (May 9-10) Winner
Stage 1 Evgeny Shalunov
Stage 2 Carlos Barbero
Overall Evgeny Shalunov
Points classification Evgeny Shalunov
Mountains classification Eduard Prades
Youth classification Aleksey Rybalkin
Team classification Lokosphinx


Giro d’Italia (May 9-31) Winner
Stage 1 Orica-GreenEdge
Stage 2 Elia Viviani
Stage 3 Michael Matthews
Stage 4 Davide Formolo
Stage 5 Jan Polanc
Stage 6 André Greipel
Stage 7 Diego Ulissi
Stage 8 Beñat Intxausti
Stage 9 Paolo Tiralongo
Stage 10 Nicola Boem
Stage 11 Ilnur Zakarin
Stage 12 Philippe Gilbert
Stage 13 Sacha Modolo
Stage 14 Vasil Kiryienka
Stage 15 Mikel Landa
Stage 16 Mikel Landa
Stage 17 Sacha Modolo
Stage 18 Philippe Gilbert
Stage 19 Fabio Aru
Stage 20 Fabio Aru
Stage 21 Iljo Keisse
Overall Alberto Contador
Points classification Giacomo Nizzolo
Mountains classification Giovanni Visconti
Youth classification Fabio Aru
Team classification Astana


Tour of California (May 10-17) Winner
Stage 1 Mark Cavendish
Stage 2 Mark Cavendish
Stage 3 Toms Skujins
Stage 4 Peter Sagan
Stage 5 Mark Cavendish
Stage 6 Peter Sagan
Stage 7 Julian Alaphilippe
Stage 8 Mark Cavendish
Overall Peter Sagan
Points classification Mark Cavendish
Mountains classification Daniel Oss
Youth classification Julian Alaphilippe
Team classification Sky


Bayern Rundfahrt (May 13-17) Winner
Stage 1 Sam Bennett
Stage 2 John Degenkolb
Stage 3 Sam Bennett
Stage 4 Alex Dowsett
Stage 5 John Degenkolb
Overall Alex Dowsett
Points classification John Degenkolb
Mountains classification Frederik Veuchelen
Youth classification Dylan van Baarle
Team classification Cannondale-Garmin


Tour de Picardie (May 15-17) Winner
Stage 1 Kris Boeckmans
Stage 2 Andrea Guardini
Stage 3 Kris Boeckmans
Overall Kris Boeckmans
Points classification Evaldas Siskevicius
Team classification Astana


Tour of Japan (May 17-24) Winner
Prologue Brenton Jones
Stage 2 Rafaâ Chtioui
Stage 3 Nicolas Marini
Stage 4 Benjamin Prades
Stage 5 Rahim Emami
Stage 6 Valerio Conti
Stage 7 Niccolo Bonifazio
Overall Mirsamad Poorseyedigolakhour
Points classification Valerio Conti
Mountains classification Rahim Emami
Youth classification Ilia Koshevoy
Team classification Pishgaman Cycling Team


Tour of Norway (May 20-24) Winner
Stage 1 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 2 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 3 Jesper Hansen
Stage 4 Amets Txurruka
Stage 5 Andreas Vangstad
Overall Jesper Hansen
Points classification Alexander Kristoff
Mountains classification Vegard Robinson Bugge
Youth classification Odd Christian Eiking
Team classification Cult Energy


World Ports Classic (January 23-24) Winner
Stage 1 Andrea Guardini
Stage 2 Kris Boeckmans
Overall Kris Boeckmans
Points classification Kris Boeckmans
Youth classification Rudy Barbier
Team classification Lotto-Soudal


Tour of Belgium (May 27-31) Winner
Prologue Matthias Brändle
Stage 2 Tom Boonen
Stage 3 Arnaud Démare
Stage 4 Arnaud Démare
Stage 5 Greg Van Avermaet
Overall Greg Van Avermaet
Points classification Tom Boonen
Team classification BMC


Tour des Fjords (May 27-31) Winner
Stage 1 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 2 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 3 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 4 Søren Kragh Andersen
Stage 5 Edvald Boasson Hagen
Overall Marco Haller
Points classification Alexander Kristoff
Mountains classification Amets Txurruka
Youth classification Marco Haller
Team classification Caja Rural


Grand Prix de Plumelec (May 30) Winner
  Alexis Vuillermoz


Garmin Velothon Berlin (May 31) Winner
  Ramon Sinkeldam


Boucles de l’Aulne (May 31) Winner
  Alo Jakin


Tour de Luxembourg (June 3-7) Winner
Prologue Adrien Petit
Stage 2 André Greipel
Stage 3 Linus Gerdemann
Stage 4 André Greipel
Stage 5 Sean De Bie
Overall Linus Gerdemann
Points classification André Greipel
Mountains classification Fabio Duarte
Youth classification Oliver Naesen
Team classification Colombia-Coldeportes


Boucles de la Mayenne (June 4-7) Winner
Prologue Johan Le Bon
Stage 1 Andrea Pasqualon
Stage 2 Anthony Turgis
Stage 3 Danilo Napolitano
Overall Anthony Turgis
Points classification Andrea Pasqualon
Mountains classification Clement Koretzky
Youth classification Anthony Turgis
Team classification Armée de Terre


Tour de Korea (June 7-14) Winner
Stage 1 Wouter Wippert
Stage 2 Caleb Ewan
Stage 3 Caleb Ewan
Stage 4 Patrick Bevin
Stage 5 Caleb Ewan
Stage 6 Wouter Wippert
Stage 7 Caleb Ewan
Stage 8 Tino Thomel
Overall Caleb Ewan
Points classification Caleb Ewan
Mountains classification Kyung-Gu Jang
Youth classification Caleb Ewan
Team classification Avanti Racing


Critérium du Dauphiné (June 7-14) Winner
Stage 1 Peter Kennaugh
Stage 2 Nacer Bouhanni
Stage 3 BMC
Stage 4 Nacer Bouhanni
Stage 5 Romain Bardet
Stage 6 Rui Costa
Stage 7 Chris Froome
Stage 8 Chris Froome
Overall Chris Froome
Points classification Nacer Bouhanni
Mountains classification Daniel Teklehaimanot
Youth classification Simon Yates
Team classification Movistar


Grosser Preis des Kantons Aargau (June 11) Winner
  Alexander Kristoff


Tour de Suisse (June 13-20) Winner
Prologue Tom Dumoulin
Stage 2 Kristijan Durasek
Stage 3 Peter Sagan
Stage 4 Michael Matthews
Stage 5 Thibaut Pinot
Stage 6 Peter Sagan
Stage 7 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 8 Aleksey Lutsenko
Stage 9 Tom Dumoulin
Overall Simon Spilak
Points classification Peter Sagan
Mountains classification Stefan Denifl
Team classification Sky


Ronde van Limburg (June 14) Winner
  Bjorn Leukemans


Rund um Koln (June 14) Winner
  Tom Boonen


Ster ZLM Toer (June 17-21) Winner
Prologue Roger Kluge
Stage 1 André Greipel
Stage 2 André Greipel
Stage 3 Moreno Hofland
Stage 4 Matt Brammeier
Overall André Greipel
Points classification André Greipel
Team classification Lotto-Soudal


Route du Sud (June 18-21) Winner
Stage 1 Steven Tronet
Stage 2 Bryan Coquard
Stage 3 Alberto Contador
Stage 4 Bryan Coquard
Overall Alberto Contador
Points classification Bryan Coquard
Mountains classification Daniel Martinez
Youth classification Pierre Roger-Latour
Team classification Radio Popular Boavista


Tour de Slovenie (June 18-21) Winner
Stage 1 Artem Ovechkin
Stage 2 Pier Paolo De Negri
Stage 3 Primoz Roglic
Stage 4 Marko Kump
Overall Primoz Roglic
Points classification Davide Appollonio
Mountains classification Mauro Finetto
Youth classification Domen Novak
Team classification Adria Mobil


Halle-Ingoigem (June 24) Winner
  Nacer Bouhanni


Österreich-Rundfahrt- (July 4-12) Winner
Prologue Katusha
Stage 1 Sondre Holst Enger
Stage 2 David Tanner
Stage 3 Rick Zabel
Stage 4 David De La Parte
Stage 5 Johan Van Zyl
Stage 6 David De La Parte
Stage 7 Lukas Pöstlberger
Stage 8 Moreno Moser
Overall Davide De La Parte
Points classification Jan Tratnik
Mountains classification Felix Großschartner
Team classification BMC


Tour de France (July 4-26) Winner
Stage 1 Rohan Dennis
Stage 2 André Greipel
Stage 3 Joaquim Rodriguez
Stage 4 Tony Martin
Stage 5 André Greipel
Stage 6 Zdenek Stybar
Stage 7 Mark Cavendish
Stage 8 Alexis Vuillermoz
Stage 9 BMC
Stage 10 Chris Froome
Stage 11 Rafal Majka
Stage 12 Joaquim Rodriguez
Stage 13 Greg Van Avermaet
Stage 14 Stephen Cummings
Stage 15 André Greipel
Stage 16 Ruben Plaza
Stage 17 Simon Geschke
Stage 18 Romain Bardet
Stage 19 Vincenzo Nibali
Stage 20 Thibaut Pinot
Stage 21 André Greipel
Overall Chris Froome
Points classification Peter Sagan
Mountains classification Chris Froome
Youth classification Nairo Quintana
Team classification Movistar


Tour of Qinghai Lake (July 5-18) Winner
Stage 1 Marko Kump
Stage 2 Marko Kump
Stage 3 Oleksandr Polivoda
Stage 4 Ivan Savitskiy
Stage 5 Primoz Roglic
Stage 6 Marko Kump
Stage 7 Ilia Koshevoy
Stage 8 Mattia Gavazzi
Stage 9 Marko Kump
Stage 10 Mattia Gavazzi
Stage 11 Mattia Gavazzi
Stage 12 Marko Kump
Stage 13 Mattia Gavazzi
Overall Radoslav Rogina
Points classification Marko Kump
Mountains classification Francisco Colorado
Team classification Kolss Team


Grand Prix Cerami (July 22) Winner
  Philippe Gilbert


Prueba Villafranca de Ordizia (July 25) Winner
  Angel Madrazo


Tour de Wallonie (July 25-29) Winner
Stage 1 Niki Terpstra
Stage 2 Danny van Poppel
Stage 3 Philippe Gilbert
Stage 4 Jonas Van Genechten
Stage 5 Danny van Poppel
Overall Niki Terpstra
Points classification Danny van Poppel
Mountains classification Ludwig De Winter
Youth classification Victor Campanaerts
Team classification Topsport Vlaanderen


Circuito de Getxo (July 31) Winner
  Nacer Bouhanni


Clasica San Sebastian (August 1) Winner
  Adam Yates


La Poly Normande (August 2) Winner
  Oliver Naesen


RideLondon Classic (August 2) Winner
  Jean-Pierre Drucker


Tour de Pologne (August 2-8) Winner
Stage 1 Marcel Kittel
Stage 2 Matteo Pelucchi
Stage 3 Matteo Pelucchi
Stage 4 Maciej Bodnar
Stage 5 Bart De Clarcq
Stage 6 Sergio Henao
Stage 7 Marcin Bialoblocki
Overall Jon Izagirre
Points classification Marcel Kittel
Mountains classification Maciej Paterski
Team classification Lotto-Soudal


Tour of Utah (August 3-9) Winner
Stage 1 Kiel Reijnen
Stage 2 Jure Kocjan
Stage 3 Logan Owen
Stage 4 Eric Young
Stage 5 Michael Woods
Stage 6 Joe Dombrowski
Stage 7 Lachlan Norris
Overall Joe Dombrowski
Points classification Brent Bookwalter
Mountains classification Greg Daniel
Youth classification Daniel Felipe Martinez
Team classification Colombia-Coldeportes


Vuelta a Burgos (August 4-8) Winner
Stage 1 Carlos Barbero
Stage 2 Astana
Stage 3 Vladimir Isaychev
Stage 4 Miguel Angel Lopez
Stage 5 Daniel Moreno
Overall Rein Taaramäe
Points classification Daniel Moreno
Mountains classification Fabio Duarte
Youth classification Miguel Angel Lopez
Team classification Astana


Tour of Denmark (August 4-8) Winner
Stage 1 Lars Boom
Stage 2 Edvald Boasson Hagen
Stage 3 Matti Breschel
Stage 4 Matti Breschel
Stage 5 Mads Würtz Schmidt
Stage 6 Michael Mørkøv
Overall Christopher Juul-Jensen
Points classification Matti Breschel
Mountains classification Pim Ligthart
Youth classification Mads Würtz Schmidt
Team classification Tinkoff-Saxo


Eneco Tour (August 10-16) Winner
Stage 1 Elia Vivani
Stage 2 André Greipel
Stage 3 Tom Boonen
Stage 4 Jos van Emden
Stage 5 Johan Le Bon
Stage 6 Tim Wellens
Stage 7 Manuel Quinziato
Overall Tim Wellens
Points classification André Greipel
Team classification Lotto-Soudal


Tour de l’Ain (August 11-15) Winner
Prologue Mike Teunissen
Stage 1 Nacer Bouhanni
Stage 2 Nacer Bouhanni
Stage 3 Alexandre Geniez
Stage 4 Pierre-Roger Latour
Overall Alexandre Geniez
Points classification Nacer Bouhanni
Mountains classification Brice Feillu
Youth classification Pierre-Roger Latour
Team classification AG2R


Arctic Race of Norway (August 13-16) Winner
Stage 1 Alexander Kristoff
Stage 2 Sam Bennett
Stage 3 Ben Hermans
Stage 4 Silvan Dillier
Overall Rein Taaramäe
Points classification Alexander Kristoff
Mountains classification August Jensen
Youth classification Silvan Dillier
Team classification BMC


Czech Cycling Tour (August 13-16) Winner
Stage 1 Etixx-Quick Step
Stage 2 Fernando Gaviria
Stage 3 Leopold König
Stage 4 Zdenek Stybar
Overall Petr Vakoč
Points classification Zdenek Stybar
Mountains classification Oscar Riesebeek
Youth classification Michal Schlegel
Team classification Etixx-Quick Step


USA Pro Cycling Challenge (August 17-23) Winner
Stage 1 Taylor Phinney
Stage 2 Brent Bookwalter
Stage 3 Kiel Reijnen
Stage 4 Rohan Dennis
Stage 5 Rohan Dennis
Stage 6 Roman Kreuziger
Stage 7 John Murphy
Overall Rohan Dennis
Points classification Kiel Reijnen
Mountains classification Rohan Dennis
Youth classification Tao Geoghegan Hart
Team classification BMC


Grand Prix Stad Zottegem (August 17) Winner
  Kenny Dehaes


Tour du Limousin (August 17-20) Winner
Stage 1 Sonny Colbrelli
Stage 2 Jesus Herrada
Stage 3 Rudy Molard
Stage 4 Maurits Lammertink
Overall Sonny Colbrelli
Points classification Baptiste Planckaert
Mountains classification Romain Combaud
Youth classification Sonny Colbrelli
Team classification Roubaix Lille Métropole


Arnhem-Veenendaal Classic (August 21) Winner
  Dylan Groenewegen


Vuelta a España (August 22-September 13) Winner
Stage 1 BMC
Stage 2 Esteban Chaves
Stage 3 Peter Sagan
Stage 4 Alejandro Valverde
Stage 5 Caleb Ewan
Stage 6 Esteban Chaves
Stage 7 Bert-Jan Lindeman
Stage 8 Jasper Stuyven
Stage 9 Tom Dumoulin
Stage 10 Kristian Sbaragli
Stage 11 Mikel Landa
Stage 12 Danny van Poppel
Stage 13 Nelson Oliveira
Stage 14 Alessandro De Marchi
Stage 15 Joaquim Rodriguez
Stage 16 Frank Schleck
Stage 17 Tom Dumoulin
Stage 18 Nicolas Roche
Stage 19 Alexis Gougeard
Stage 20 Ruben Plaza
Stage 21  
Overall Fabio Aru
Points classification  
Mountains classification Omar Fraile
Team classification Movistar


Grote Prijs Jef Scherens (August 23) Winner
  Bjorn Leukemans


Vattenfall Cyclassics (August 23) Winner
  André Greipel


Tour du Poitou-Charentes (August 25-28) Winner
Stage 1 Arnaud Gerard
Stage 2 Matteo Trentin
Stage 3 Marc Sarreau
Stage 4 Adriano Malori
Stage 5 Matteo Trentin
Overall Tony Martin
Points classification Matteo Trentin
Mountains classification Rudy Kowalski
Youth classification Petr Vakoč
Team classification Movistar


Druivenkoers-Overijse (August 26) Winner
  Jerome Baugnies


GP Ouest France-Plouay (August 30) Winner
  Alexander Kristoff


Tour of Alberta (September 2-7) Winner
Stage 1 Trek Factory Racing
Stage 2 Michael Matthews
Stage 3 Tom-Jelte Slagter
Stage 4 Tom-Jelte Slagter
Stage 5 Lasse Norman Hansen
Stage 6 Nikias Arndt
Overall Bauke Mollema
Points classification Michael Matthews
Mountains classification Ben Perry
Youth classification Adam Yates
Team classification Cannondale-Garmin


Brussels Cycling Classics (September 5) Winner
  Dylan Groenewegen


Grand Prix de Fourmies (September 5) Winner
  Fabio Felline


Tour of Britain (September 6-13) Winner
Stage 1 Elia Viviani
Stage 2 Petr Vakoč
Stage 3 Elia Viviani
Stage 4 Fernando Gaviria
Stage 5 Wout Poels
Stage 6 Matteo Trentin
Stage 7 André Greipel
Stage 8  
Overall Edvald Boasson Hagen
Points classification  
Mountains classification Peter Williams
Team classification Cannondale-Garmin


Grand Prix de Quebec (September 11) Winner
  Rigoberto Uran


Tour du Doubs (September 13) Winner
  Eduardo Sepulveda


Grand Prix de Montreal (September 13) Winner
  Tim Wellens


Grand Prix de Wallonnie (September 16) Winner
  Jens Debusschere


Coppa Agostoni (September 16) Winner
  Davide Rebellin


Coppa Bernocchi (September 17) Winner
  Vincenzo Nibali


Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen (September 10) Winner
  Sean De Bie


Memorial Marco Pantani (September 19) Winner
  Diego Ulissi


Grand Prix d’Isbergues (September 20) Winner
  Nacer Bouhanni


Gran Premio Industria & Commercio di Prato (September 20) Winner
  Daniele Bennati


World Championships (September 19-27) Winner
Team Time Trial BMC
Individual Time Trial Vasil Kiryienka
Road Race Peter Sagan


Omloop van het Houtland (September 23) Winner
  Jens Debusschere


Tour de Gevaudan (September 26-27) Winner
Stage 1 Thibaut Pinot
Stage 2 Alexis Vuillermoz
Overall Thibaut Pinot
Points classification Thibaut Pinot
Mountains classification Angel Madrazo
Youth classification Hugh Carthy
Team classification Caja Rural


Tre Valli Varesine (September 30) Winner
  Vincenzo Nibali


Tour de l’ Eurometropole (September 30-October 4) Winner
Prologue Alexis Gougeard
Stage 1 Jens Debusschere
Stage 2 Jonas Van Genechten
Stage 3 Edward Theuns
Stage 4 Jonas Ahlstrand
Overall Alexis Gougeard
Points classification Jurgen Roelandts
Mountains classification Gregory Habeaux
Youth classification Alexis Gougeard
Team classification IAM Cycling


Milano-Torino (October 1) Winner
  Diego Rosa


Gran Piemonte (October 2) Winner
  Jan Bakelants


Sparkassen Giro (October 3) Winner
  Tom Boonen


Tour of Almaty (October 3) Winner
  Alexey Lutsenko


Tour de Vendée (October 4) Winner
  Christophe Laporte


Il Lombardia (October 4) Winner
  Vincenzo Nibali


Binche-Chimay-Binche (October 6) Winner
  Ramon Sinkeldam


Paris-Bourges (October 8) Winner
  Sam Bennett


Coppa Sabatini (October 8) Winner
  Eduard Prades


Abu Dhabi Tour (October 8-11) Winner
Stage 1 Andrea Guardini
Stage 2 Elia Viviani
Stage 3 Esteban Chaves
Stage 4 Elia Viviani
Overall Esteban Chaves
Points classification Elia Viviani
Youth classification Esteban Chaves


Giro dell’Emilia (October 10) Winner
  Jan Bakelants


Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli (October 11) Winner
  Sonny Colbrelli


Paris-Tours (October 11) Winner
  Matteo Trentin


Japan Cup (October 18) Winner
  Bauke Mollema


Chrono des Nations (October 18) Winner
  Vasil Kiryienka


Tour of Hainan (October 20-28) Winner
Stage 1 Andrea Palini
Stage 2 Andrea Palini
Stage 3 Sacha Modolo
Stage 4 Sacha Modolo
Stage 5 Benjamin Giraud
Stage 6 Jakub Mareczko
Stage 7 Tino Thömel
Stage 8 Andrey Zeits
Stage 9 Brenton Jones
Overall Sacha Modolo
Points classification Sacha Modolo
Mountains classification Julien Fares
Team classification Astana


* races which had at least one World Tour team at the start

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